Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Day

Ok, I am posting it here for all to see what kind of day I consider to be a bit too much action! Due to my CUF (Catholics United for the Faith) meeting being moved from next Thursday to this Thursday I had to go into work an hour early so I could step off line for an hour to attend the meeting. So instead of 3 I was to enter work at 2. Not a big deal. However, I had forgotten my book and some materials at work. So I went in an hour earlier than that just so I could get some work done that cannot be done at home. I managed to get my goals for next month written, a binder of information read. Now with the notes I have to write a one page paper summarizing it. However, I think it will have to be over that just because that is a REALLY big binder with LOTS of information. I also did 2 interviews and some other stuff. Once I was online I realized the mid-shift manager did not have ANYTHING set-up for my dinner shift. So there I am scurrying around trying to get sauce and cheese done and stock under the tables for the dinner rush. Then because I was not online we were unable to cut people to save hours.

Well the night went OK except for my two night drivers are about the slowest we have in the store, pizzas got out late; however, no one called and asked for a credit! Then business dropped way off. That is good and bad. Good that we were able to get a jump on close, bad because we did not make projection for the day. Sad thing is we missed it by only like $50! This would not have been a problem if we had not added 2 hours to the schedule. I also took it upon myself to try and get the kitchen floor looking good so I simply had the inside closer soak the floor and I spent over an hour mopping up the soap water and then mopping the floor with nice clean water (not so clean after the rinse job). I hope it looks better. Well I did not get home till like 3 AM! Yes that was one hell of a long day at work.

Here is where the day gets REALLY sad. As I was getting out of the car I drop my keys and they get locked inside. I spent about 20 minutes trying to hit the roommate's window with a rock and calling to see if they would wake up enough to look out the window or answer the phone. Well that did not get me inside. After a bit I called my dad to see if he had time to liberate my keys from my car sometime after the sun came up. He found out I was locked out of the house and came over to pick me up. Instead he is able to liberate my keys from the car! (So very exciting!!!) We get inside and Katie had woken up and was "sleeping" on the couch. So I guess the rock/phone worked, except she did not know what woke her up and therefore did not see me struggling outside to get inside… sigh!!!

My dad was listening to a radio show about the space program and all kinds of conspiracies about it. He decided he wanted to read this 3 part paper from one of the guys on the show. We then spent almost an hour trying to find this paper and get it printed or saved. Normally there is a nice link to a PDF that makes life so wonderfully beautiful! However, this guy decided not to make it so easy. Finally after failed attempt after another I realized I could just copy and paste the information into word! I did so and none of the words showed up, only the links and the pictures. One who was not as sleep deprived or had more intelligence would have realized that since the website was black, the words were white. The words were there, but I just needed to change the color. This took me WAY too much time to figure out. Now instead of going straight way to bed I decided to spend another ½ composing and posting this story.

So for all of you I contacted about being stuck outside, I hope you did not worry too much! I am fine, pups are fine, and everyone is fine. Well except for Katie who had her sleep interrupted by a careless roommate. Oh, and my dad who did not get to sleep due to my error.

OK, now time to post and send an email informing everyone that I have posted one hell of a story.

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seth said...

Well Im glad you finally made it inside. Im sorry I dont live up there and have spare keys for you. Although I prolly woulda never knew you called since I talked to you until my phone died. Get good sleep, and call me when you awaken. Love you sweetie.