Friday, November 21, 2008

Why all the rejection?

Here is a comment that a woman made on a forum. This is just part of a long on going conversation so please understand there is a context to this statement that was made to a Catholic...

"Christ loves you: He loves you when you are your worst: get baptized as a christian: feel God inside"

This is my response!

"Catholics are Christian. To not know that is ignorance of the worst kind. If you would like I will provide to you the creeds that do indeed say that we believe in One God in three persons! We believe in one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We believe in the resurrection of the dead... exc...

Second, as a Protestant I was baptized, after the age of reason. I still did not know what glories God had in store for me! I still do not know what wonders he still has for me. That is for him to know. What I do know is I am able to recive God inside of me every single day of every single week. Not just spiritually, but physically. I have an intimate relationship with God that you can only dream. I am able to embrace him and take him inside of my body. I am able to sit in his physical presents and love and adore him! Your church may have the Holy Spirit, but we have both the Holy Spirit and the Son! We have the angels to carry our prayers and to help us worship the one true living God. Your tabernacle is empty and your alter useless! BTW the only reason ours is not useless is because Jesus Christ himself commanded us to give him the sacrifice of praise in the Eucharist. He gave us the ability to partake of his physical body and blood. He gave us everlasting life as a gift that all we have to do is receive it. However, you reject it. You reject his body, his blood, his Holy Church, his children."

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